The Summer Festival is in full swing

The Summer Festival, as every year, this is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, the city of Quebec and its restaurants.

On Monday evening, he Matto suggest Bruno Mars and his hybrid style, sounding R & B, rock, reggae and pop. The singer mixes styles but Matto, no. Here, we only of authentic Italian cuisine!

The countdown has begun

The Auto Show of Quebec has just ended, this is the last week of release, it was 14 degrees yesterday, snow melts at the speed of light from the sun, spring is finally upon us. Who says spring Matto said for its party atmosphere and its original Italian menu that many try in vain to copy hahahaha! Reserve your spot today.

Spaghetti Carbonara with fresh salmon Quebec

Rocco Cortina shows us how to make spaghetti carbonara with a “twist” of Quebec by adding fresh salmon caught in the pits of the Matapedia River Glenn Emma sector in Gaspésie. To see the video of the preparation of the recipe by Rocco Carbonara Spaghetti with fresh salmon Quebec

Mushroom risotto for Rocco

Rocco’s Restaurant Cortina it Matto Quebec must prepare a risotto for his beautiful mom. It reveals the secret recipe that his mother taught him when he was a small Quebec-Italian in 1981 … To see the video of the preparation of the recipe by Rocco Risotto with mushrooms Rocco

The restaurants

The food

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